Professional Focus Conferences 2018


Clarion Cedar Court Huddersfield
Lindley Moor Road
Ainley Top
Tuesday 13 November 2018
08:30 - 15:55

Registration for the conference opens at 8.30am ready for a 9.15am start.

The full day will provide you with 4hours 45minutes of CPD and will end at approximately 3.55pm.

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President Suite

Clarion Cedar Court Huddersfield
Lindley Moor Road
Ainley Top

Time Session Speaker
8.30am – 9.15am Delegate Registration  
9.15am – 9.25am Welcome and Intro from the Chairperson Lee Travis
9.25am – 9.40am CII Introduction Lee Travis
9.40am – 10.15am

Transformation of the Profession in the Digital Age

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the reasons for corporate failure
  • Understand the drovers of the successful organisation
  • Explore the principles and enablers of the resilient organisation
  • Understand the impact of digital transformation on the model of resilience
  • Review the change of balance between tangible and intangible assets
  • Appreciate the implications for governance in the context of a complex, connected and rapidly changing business world
  • Explore how the digital age will drive the management of risk
  • Understand the implications for the insurance industry in the context of the rising value of intangible assets and the risks and opportunities of digital transformation
  • Consider the role of the risk management and insurance
Julia Graham, Airmic
10.15am – 10.50am

An Introduction to Cyber Insurance


An overview of the birth and evolution of the cyber market, with background on cyber insurance coverage and types of claims.


Learning Objectives:

  • Get an immediate “Yes” agreement from potential clients. This reduces stress for clients and guarantees a successful outcome.
  • The right words to use to build rapport and trust in the first 15 seconds.
  • How human minds makes the final decisions.
  • How to talk directly to the decision-making part of the brain using scientific brain research.


Stephen Ridley, Hiscox
10.50am – 11.10am Morning break  
11.10am – 11.50am

The Impact and outcomes of the Grenfell Fire Tragedy


The Grenfell Tower fire was shocking and tragic with the loss of 72 lives. It has sent shockwaves through the fire and construction industries as the enquiries highlight installation standards, material specification and approval rates. This presentation will cover all of these issues and the actions that could be taken to make high rise residential buildings safe.

Learning Objectives:

  • How fire was able to spread into and through insulated wall claddings
  • How such systems were approved under building regulations and the issues this generates
  • What actions could be taken to ensure cladding systems are safe
  • An understanding of stay put policies vs mass evacuation
  • An awareness of the Grenfell enquiries and their possible outcomes
Robert Dakin, AXA Insurance 
11.50am – 12.25pm

Professionalism from the CII Code of Ethics to the IDD


The Insurance Distribution Directive is coming into force on 1st October 2018 and will impose new requirements on training, conflicts of interest, giving advice and product governance. While the IDD means that firms have to put new procedures in place, the fundamental objectives of the Directive are the same as the objectives behind the CII Code of Ethics; to increase confidence in insurance. This presentation will show how being an effective professional is a strong basis for compliance with the IDD, and how being a professional can be the most efficient and cost-effective way to comply. It will use the IDD’s rules on training and conduct as an example.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the purpose of the IDD.
  • Understand how IDD requirements fit with existing UK regulatory and CII professional requirements.
  • Understand the IDD requirements around ongoing training.
  • Be aware of good practice around designing IDD compliant processes.
Dr Matt Connell, CII
12.25pm – 1.00pm

Influencing with Integrity


During this 35-minute presentation Bernie De Souza will share some tried and tested techniques in a fast paced, interactive, field-based presentation which will leave the delegates with the exact words to use and how to deliver them, to help their clients say “yes” in a comfortable manner using soft skills.


This entertaining presentation will help you perfectly match what is in our potential client’s mind and how to avid the words that usually delay decisions. Bernie will share the skills of handling uncertainty and delays from potential clients.

Finally, Bernie will demonstrate how to build solid trust and rapport in the first 15 seconds with the exact words to use within 3 steps.


Learning Objectives:

  • Gain a clearer view of how cyber as an industry first emerged and how it has since changed over time.
  • Understand core areas of cyber insurance cover, and how policies respond when an incident occurs.
  • Raise awareness of some of the systemic risks that cyber insurance brings.


Bernie De Souza, Author
1.00pm – 1.50pm Lunch and Networking  
1.50pm – 2.25pm

AI and the Future of Employment

Title: Where will technology and AI leave the people that work in insurance?


In this presentation, John Warburton will outline the research contained in his contribution to “The Future of Commercial Insurance Broking” CII publication and “The Insurtech Book” on the future of employment in the industry, particularly the impact of technology and artificial Intelligence.

There is much commentary in the media and academia about the impact of technology on “The Future of Work” – some predict that “robots will take over most jobs within 30 years”, others that the impacts will be more limited. Either way, this is the critical issue of our age.

For the insurance industry, there are reasons to be pessimistic, given the information processing nature of much of the work, but also optimistic if organisations and individuals can re-skill themselves for the changes. John’s key thesis is that the industry will need to re-focus on empathetic relationships and expertise built on deep, tacit knowledge.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the drivers of technology-related displacement of employment.
  • Understand examples of the type of tasks that will be impacted by AI in insurance.
  • Understand how these drivers relate to the (commercial) insurance industry.
  • Understand what determines the pace of commoditization in insurance.
  • Understand how the “kano” model affects insurance.
  • Understand what actions an individual insurance professional should take to ensure they are well positioned in the transition to a more AI enabled industry.
John Warburton, Konsileo
2.25pm – 3.00pm

Genius Learning

Title: Easily dealing with conflict and stress


In today’s fast paced workplace, competition for time, resources, people and clients is increasing and that can lead to conflict and stress making you unproductive, unhappy and even unhealthy.

In this session you will learn some very simple ways to handle workplace conflict, improving your time management and productivity and ultimately leading a happier and more fulfilling working life.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the short and long-term effects of stress
  • Manage demands on your time more easily
  • Navigate workplace conflict to deliver win-win outcomes
Peter Freeth, Genius
3.00pm – 3.35pm

Financial Conduct Authority Update


There is a lot of change affecting insurance firms in the coming year. At these presentations, the FCA will aim to give you the latest information and better understand the requirements of two areas; the Senior Managers and Certification Regime and the implementation of the Insurance Distribution Directive. The FCA will also discuss other priority areas as set out in their Business Plan 2018/19 and how they supervise firms.

John King, FCA
3.35pm – 3.45pm Chairpersons Close Lee Travis
Total CPD: 4 hours 45 mins

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